Showing our dogs in conformation is something that is very important to us. The whole point of conformation, is to evaluate the dog which best 'conforms' to the written standard, set in place by the breed's National parent club. Of course, there is a different judge each day, and they will have their own preferences and interpretations, but regardless, obtaining a Canadian championship is of the utmost importance to us, to ensure our dogs are maintaining a certain standard. We also enjoy competing in other conformation venues, including AKC, UKC, and the International (IABCA) scene as well. Our dogs have done very well throughout all venues, and it's part of our bonding, to travel, pamper, and show off our dogs. 


We've had some pretty exciting and special wins throughout the years, even moreso since showing again since 2008. Dante is our 2015 National Specialty Best of Breed winner. Zivah has her Canadian Hall of Fame, as does Nevaeh. Zivah also has her Certificate of Merit, and has met the requirements for her Certificate of Merit Excellent once our new By-Laws go into effect, which means she has at least 8 champion offspring

We have won Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show with 3 of our dogs (Zivah, Appa and Cruz), and they are some of the most meaningful wins. In order to be eligible for that competition, the dog competing had to be bred by and owned by the person exhibiting them in the show. 


The UKC venue has also been a lot of fun and success for us. Zivah, Keely, Raevyn  and Nevaeh have all won a Best in Show in UKC. Zivah, Raevyn, Danté and Neve have also won Reserve Best in Show. They are also all champions in this venue, though the requirements are much less than what is required through CKC and AKC. 




Ch Dragonwing's Gwen of Keesridge CD
Ch Dragonwing's Batman
The best we have is a picture by Mary Alice Smiley of our Bruce.
Ch Keesridge Divinchy
Ch Keesridge Take A Chance On Me
Ch Keesridge Tramika
Ch Owenbriar's Witches Brew
Ch Owenbriar's Lexie Rock On
GCh Keesridge The Essence of Zivah
Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah
BISS RBIS GCh Keesridge Inferno
Ch Keesridge Keely at vd Hulst
Ch Darkenwald Lil Baileys On Ice at
Ch Darkenwald Lil Baileys On Ice at Keesridge
Ch Keesridge Cash Me If You Can
GCh Keesridge's Raevyn Beauty
U-BIS/RBIS U-Ch/Can GCh Keesridge's Raevyn Beauty
BBES Ch Keesridge Appa Almighty
GCh Keesridge Reflection O' Heaven
GCh Keesridge Reflection O' Heaven CHOF
Ch Keesridge Hey There CharliGirl
Ch Keesridge Legendary Warrior
GCh Keesridge Set Fire To Th'Reign
GCh Keesridge Echo Across An Ocean
Ch Keesridge Hooked On A Feeling
Ch Keesridge Serenity Of The Sea
Ch Keesridge Ode To Valhalla
Ch Keesridge Light 'Em Up
Ch Keesridge Charmer At The Ocean
Ch Keesridge's All That Jazz
BBES Ch Keesridge Baby Let's Cruz
Ch Keesridge's Starlit Skye RE
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Coursing Ability

Rally &


​So you want a puppy?

Introducing a puppy to your family is one of the biggest decisions you can make. We are here to help you understand all that is involved, and making sure the Keeshond is the right breed for your family, before you get one. 

Spay and Neuter Information

Trust is of paramount importance when placing our puppies. We trust that our families are responsible, and will honour our Non-Breeding agreements and contracts. We are advocates for later spay/neuter.

Vaccination Protocol

We want was is best for our puppies, and that includes helping them stay safe from infectious diseases. It also means being an advocate for vaccinations and treatments that are helpful versus harmful. 

Training Links

Training is a lifelong endeavour with your Keeshond, well past the initial puppy stage. From trick work to obedience to being a polite dog to live with, we offer some tips and links to help you. 

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