Keesridge Reflection O' Heaven, CHOF



#1 Keeshond Puppy in Canada (all systems) 

#3 Keeshond Bitch in Canada (all breed, #2 Keeshond Bitch as per Keeshond Club of Canada Statistics) 

#9 Keeshond in Canada (all breed, #6 Keeshond in Canada as per Keeshond Club of Canada Statistics)

CHIC # 137718

Heart - OFA Normal (Cardiologist) KE-CA189/12F/C-PI
Eyes - OFA Normal, KE-EYE586/27F-VPI
Hips - OFA Good  KE-5219G24F-VPI
Elbows - Normal KE-EL1419F24-VPI
Knees/Patellas - OFA Normal KE-PA1450/24F/P-VPI
Thyroid - OFA Normal KE-TH421/24F-PI
PHPT - Negative by descent, first generation


Nevaeh's OFA Page

Neve May 2020
Neve June 2020
Neve May 2020
Neve March 11 2019
Neve show
Nevaeh 9.5 months
UKC Best in Show and RBIS
Best Puppy in Show #1
Best Puppy in Show #2
Best Puppy in Show #3
Best Puppy in Show #5
Neve ladybug
Nevaeh 6 months
Nevaeh 6 months
Zivah and Neve ladybug
Bright light ladybugs
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Coursing Ability

Rally &


​So you want a puppy?

Introducing a puppy to your family is one of the biggest decisions you can make. We are here to help you understand all that is involved, and making sure the Keeshond is the right breed for your family, before you get one. 

Spay and Neuter Information

Trust is of paramount importance when placing our puppies. We trust that our families are responsible, and will honour our Non-Breeding agreements and contracts. We are advocates for later spay/neuter.

Vaccination Protocol

We want was is best for our puppies, and that includes helping them stay safe from infectious diseases. It also means being an advocate for vaccinations and treatments that are helpful versus harmful. 

Training Links

Training is a lifelong endeavour with your Keeshond, well past the initial puppy stage. From trick work to obedience to being a polite dog to live with, we offer some tips and links to help you. 

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